Various bikes hired



This was BMW 1000





This was  a BMW 850 I tested in The Isle of Man in 1979, I also tried a 1000 although they were nice I did not think they were any better than the Norton at that time.




This was my DT250MX bought in 1980 a great little bike it was.




Here is the Norton and my Moto Morini  3-1/2 which was owned by my sister and my mother bought it from her and gave it to me, so we both did well out of it.




This was the first Transalp I hired in 2001 and there were several after that.




This was one of the first bikes I hired a Honda NT650 Deauville this picture taken at Wells North Norfolk




Now this BMW 1100R I tried in 2003 it was almost new and only had 500 miles on the clock I did 200 miles on that it was so much nicer than the ones I rode on the Isle of Man but I suppose 24 years of new technology makes a difference.




The Transalp is good, the Japanese know how to make a bike, for a trail bike they are quite fast I have had up to 100mph and there was plenty more there-but I did not want to have anymore dealings with the law.




This is a Honda CB600R, the engine is like the Transalp but not as fast.




October 2012 This is a Harley Davidson 1200 photos taken near North Walsham Railway Station and the second at Wells