Looking for the Norton after 16 years




It is 25th August 2012 and I have just realised it is now 16 years to the day since I sold the Norton to Alan. A couple of weeks ago I found up all the information that Alan gave me when I sold the bike and thought I would contact him and see how he was and also let him know I had a website with a lot of news about the Norton.


I tried a few times and could not get through. I eventually did and spoke to his son and to my shock was told Alan was no longer with us and passed away in 2010.

I was also told by his son that the bike had been sold to a restorer and he did not know where it went to.


I would now like to find out what has happened to the bike-is it being kept as it was when it did its last trips in Australia or has the new person taken away its identity and restored it to how it was when I first bought it in 1975?


I am now trying to find out its whereabouts and I will see what the future brings later.




It was now September 2013 and I still wanted to try to track down the bike.

I thought the only way to get this information was via the DVLA so I sent an email.
I heard back after a couple of days and was told to fill in a form and send £2.50 to get a reply and the information I required, so that is what I did.

It was about 4 weeks before I got a reply only to say we are unable to give out this information as we are controlled by the Data Protection Act 1998 and it is not given to the public.

I then was not in the mood to give up so I sat down and had a think. Maybe the national newspapers could help or a motorcycle magazine. I tried ringing them but there seemed little interest. There is the television and the next job was to ring the BBC at the Forum Norwich. I got to reception where a lady answered and I told her what I wanted to do, she said radio is the way you should go and local to where you know the bike was. I told her Keighley and she said Leeds is the nearest station and gave me the telephone number.

I rang straight away and spoke to the receptionist and asked for a reporter in radio. She put me through, and it was only seconds before a man came to the phone and I explained what I wanted to do. He told me he was a presenter on an afternoon program and thought it was a good idea-he told me his name was Andrew Edwards and for me to email him with all the details.

Andrew Edwards

On 1st October I got a call from Andrew’s producer and was told to be ready for a call at 10 to 5. I had a call on the dot and was put on hold until Andrew wanted to speak to me. It went well and he put a lot of effort in for me to get a response.
Andrew will contact me if he gets any more news.


This map shows all the trips it made with me and where it was up till 2010 when it was sold by Alan Edwards family in Keighley.

IMI Meeting 29th October 2013

In the early part of the year I went to one of the Norfolk IMI Meetings held at Roys Motor Company, Sprowston Road In Norwich and after it I was speaking to Pio Altarelli, who is now secretary. He has always shown interest in my travels in Australia and said “why don’t-you do a talk, Roy?”

I am not a speaker and had to go away to think if I could do it. In the meantime when I was also speaking to Ian Bassett he said” I have been to Australia so have you, but I do not know how much you did.”

This made me think even more about this talk and I emailed David Hunt, who has loads of ideas and told me a few things I should do. Even more than that he said he would help where he could, so with that in mind I set about finding all my info and put it all on Power-point.

I had a couple of meetings with David Hunt and also Nick Strange, who is now Chairman, and went through what I was going to do, David said at the first meeting you may have to try it out and if there is not enough time we will organize you to come back and do the second half later.

David Hunt above used his display and did a very good job with photocopies I gave him.

29th October came and I was still unsure how long it would take for me to complete my talk. I had tried it out on my own and had to cut a lot of it out, as it would have gone on far to long.


David had organized to be there early to help set up the Power-point, and soon after a few people turned up. I was also pleased to have some of my friends and family there; David Fortescue, Ian Bassett, Ivan Davey and Andrew Stott.

Pio introduced me to his son Leo and his young lady Kathleen, who came from Australia and they are both going to make a trip out there.

I hope I can guide them to some of the magnificent and beautiful places I have seen.


The meeting went well but David was right I will need to come back a later date to talk about my second trip.

December 2013

It is almost Christmas 23rd December 2013 and to my surprise I got an email from an old friend who travelled with me up to Queensland on the Norton in 1983.

It was really great to hear from Robert Newton after just over 30 years I wondered how he was but it is hard to find people but he found me.
I hope we can now keep in touch.

bob 2013Bob 2013

Bob 1983 and how he looks today.

Top picture around April 1983 Roy and Bob in Queensland Australia.


31 years later Roy and Bob meet again in Norwich Norfolk August 2014.


April 2016


During April I was feeling quite a bit close to my father her was 67 years old when he died and that is the age I am now. He passed away on April 15th 1988 and on April 16th 2016 I got a very exciting email from a Tim Carey the owner of the old faithful Norton I travelled around Australia on. I have been in touch with him and we have exchanged a few emails during that time he sent me some photos of the bike as it is now.

Here is Tim with the bike as it is now, the handlebars are higher than the originals and he has put the peashooter exhaust on.




I am sure there will be more photos that will go on this page and we will let the future take care of that.