Frederick Ramsbottom


Born 06/02/1921


Died 15/04/1988


He was a great Dad to me and my sister, and a great husband to my Mother.


Although my dad never talked a lot about things in the past meaning when he was small he did talk about his time in the Fleet Air Arm during the 2nd world war.



This is my dad on the right you can see another ship in the background.



My father and his brother Bert (Herbert  Berty Ramsbottom) were on the same ship as each other which was quite unusual, it was not a common thing for this to happen if the ship got destroyed 2 people in the same family could get lost.






The Indefatigable that was the aircraft carrier they were both on, what a massive ship to be on. My father loved being on ship he talked about that a lot.


There were very exciting thing and very scary things that happened, he told me of the time he was sleeping in one of the lifeboats and a Kamakazi plane crashed into the sie of the ship, it was the first British ship to be hit in this way..




This is the damage that was done at the time, I can imagine how frightening it was, the ship was obviously repaired but I do not know where.


When on board ship in the service at those times they never knew where they were going to end up.


Australia was one of the places he went to and that made a big impression on him he loved the place the people were great the climate was great the beer was great.



Here is my father with a group of sailor he was with, he is the 4th from the right.


He talked a lot about Australia, I think I was born with Australia being one place I wanted to see.



HMS Indefadigable Wikipedia


On the wikipedia site, it said the Indefatigable was Scrapped in 1956 this must have been untrue as there were photos in MaritimeQuest of it in an unknown location in 1960


HMS MaritimeQuest Photos


When I was young all I had on my mind was I wanted to travel and ultimately I wanted to go to Australia but it seemed quite a dream and also so far away.


This was my ticket and baggage label.


This is quite a nice postcard of the Achille Lauro supplied on the ship.


Two photos of me with the Achille Lauro in the background at Tenerife, the crew were on strike at that time.


Eventually that day came, I emigrated in 1972 to Australia by ship the Achille Lauro, it was quite ironic there was a young man emigrating who had just left the Navy and he told me the Indefatigable was in dock at Southampton and going to be broken up, I sent a letter to my parent and they went to see it.



Here comes the next bit, when we got on board the Achille Lauro it was in trouble, earlier that year it had a fire and had just had a refit but was incomplete when it set sail from Naples and there was a strike going on and disrupted the trip.



There were further incident relating to the Achille Lauro what with hijacking in 1985.


Achille Lauro Hyjacking 1985 Link 1

Achille Lauro Hyjacking 1985 Link 2

I November 1994 there was a fire broke out and eventually the Achille Lauro sank.


Newspaper clipping of the disaster